The Best Shot Timer for Practiscore

If you somehow stumbled upon this article and aren't aware of what Practiscore is I recommend you click here. Practiscore has become the industry standard tool for recording shooter data at competitive shooting matches and of course, in order to input shooting times, you will need a shot timer.

If you are a match director, competitive shooter, range officer, or interested for any other reason in the best shot timer to use with Practiscore this article is for you.

Criteria For Picking A Shot Timer To Use With Practiscore

When considering what is the best Practiscore Shot Timer we have to balance a number of considerations. As it were, on this website we are biased toward the RangeTech BlueTooth shot timer however, there are a lot of quality shot timers on the market and each shooter has to pick the one that best meets their requirements.

Integrated – Can It Integrate Directly With Practiscore?

Traditionally at a match, a given stage is operated by 2 range officers or shooters from the squad who act as range officers. The timer goes beep, the shooter runs the stage, and when done the RO operating the timer calls out loud the time to the RO who is recording the timers into Practiscore on a tablet or other mobile device.

Since Practiscore is a mobile application there is no reason you can't connect it directly to a compatible shot timer to receive the shooting data directly from the timer.

As of this writing, there are two shot timers that have this functionality. Both the AMG Lab shot timer and the RangeTech shot timer have Bluetooth integration and are already compatible with Practiscore.

Using either of these timers will allow you to connect the timer direct to Practiscore and auto-import shot times from the timer into the app. For more information about how to integrate the timer and Practiscore click here: Practiscore Shot Timer Instructions

Versatility – Does It Give You Options?

We feel the RangeTech timer is the most versatile shot timer on the market because it provides the user the most options.

As a firearm instructor, you can clip the timer onto a student's belt and let them run a drill or exercise while you control the timer and receive all the data on a mobile device safely behind the firing line. No other shot-timer can do that.

At a match, as indicated above, you can connect it directly to Practiscore OR, you can setup a second tablet near the firing line on a tablet that displays all the split times and final time to every shooter in the squad. This creates a lot of transparency and competitors love being able to see a big bright, easy-to-read visual of all their split times. RangeTech is the only timer that can do that because it is the only BlueTooth compatible timer with its own stand-alone mobile app.

The RangeTech time also has a built-in green go-signal light. While not common in today's competitive shooting, a match director could create a stage where the competitors go when they see a flashing light instead of or in addition to hearing a beep. RangeTech is the only timer with a visual go indicator.

Reliability – It Has to Work Every Time & Reduce Risk of Error

In our testing, every brand name shot time in the industry is fairly reliable if you measure reliability in its ability to “hear” shots and record the data. Adjustable sensitivity and anti-echo settings have become common among all major shot timer products.

One consideration for use with Practiscore at a match is reducing the risk of error by pushing the shot times directly into Practiscore. This eliminates the potential for an RO to read the time wrong off the timer or for the RO recording the shots to mishear or mistype the times into Practiscore.

Using a BlueTooth compatible shot timer like the AMG Lab or RangeTech shot timer will reduce the risk of human mistakes with Practiscore.

Cost – How Expensive Is The Timer?

The RangeTech Bluetooth Shot Timer is the most affordable shot timer on the market by a significant margin. As of this writing the timer sells for $74.99 which makes it $35 less expensive than the next lowest cost option on the market. It is more than 1/2 the cost of the AMG Lab timer mentioned above.

Of course, the least expensive option may not always be the best product for you. In part, the RangeTech timer is the least expensive because it doesn't have a built-in display on the timer. This dramatically lowers manufacturing costs and leads to a more affordable option for the user.

Best Practiscore Shot Timer Conclusion

Well, naturally we feel the RangeTech Shot Timer is the best overall option for anyone who wants to use the Practiscore Shot Timer setup. A quick review of the benefits include:

  • All split times are also sent to Practiscore allowing ROs to confirm the correct number of shots were fired and recorded
  • Reduces the chance for human errors in the recording of shot time data
  • Splits and all data are compatible with and available in the Practiscore Competitor App which allows competitors to get more detailed data on their performance
  • Compatible with both Practiscore for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices
  • Can be used directly with Practiscore or with a standalone free RangeTech App
  • Support for Par times. The RangeTech shot timer will auto adjust par time for the stage based on the Par time set in Practiscore (Practiscore 1.7+)
  • Adjust timer sensitivity from within the Practiscore App
  • Connect simultaneously to the RangeTech shot timer and a BlueTooth supported printer for printing stage results.
  • The least expensive shot timer on the market

Learn more and order your RangeTech Timer Today. Click here: Learn More About RangeTech – The Best Practiscore Shot Timer

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