January 8th, 2023 – RangeTech Mobile App Update

On January 8th, 2023 mobile app version 1.7.6 was released for iOS and on January 9th version 2.9 was released for Android. This update was long overdue and we're glad to be back on track with our development goals and roadmap. Some significant infrastructure for the app and the online server had to be changed before some apparent bugs could be addressed. We are confident that groundwork will support faster and more frequent updates moving forward.

The first and primary update in this release is related to the attachment and storage of photos. One of the best features of RangeTech is the ability to take as many pictures as desired and attach them to a string of fire in the app. Then, if logged into a user account, when you save that string of fire it also saves the attached pictures.

Later when you review the data from within the app or from our website you will see the pictures attached to the string of fire. This wasn't working at all before the release of this update. Now it is working smoother and faster than ever.

In addition, previously there was a bug when trying to save a string of fire more than once. For example, imagine you have a string of fire on your RangeTech display. You want to save it so you tap “Save.” Everything works fine and that string of fire is now on the cloud. Now, without clearing the screen you hit the start button and commence another string of fire.

When done you now have 2 strings of fire on the screen. The first was previously saved, and the second is not saved. In this instance, if you tried tapping the save button you would encounter an error. That has been resolved. Now it will identify that of the 2 strings of fire one has already been saved and will only save the second string. It works as it should.

Also, note that within the app in the top right of the primary screen, the 3 dot menu includes a few different share options. Share via Link and Share a Screenshot. On iOS, these sharing options were working fine but both were broken if you had a relatively recent version of the Android operating system. That has been brought up to spec and now works as intended.

An update was made for Android relating to Bluetooth connections in order to ensure compatibility with Android 12+.

Lastly, a small tweak was made that will not automatically return the user to the main screen after a successful connection is made with the Bluetooth timer. This is a convenience feature that doesn't change anything functionally but will save the user a tap and a few seconds.

There are a few other very small bugs to be fixed and then we will be digging into some long-awaited and requested features 🙂


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