Documentation & Support

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Warranty Information

Please note that we will accept returns for a full refund of the product purchase price with no questions asked up to 30 days after your purchase.

The RangeTech Bluetooth Shot Timer is covered by a lifetime limited warranty. To put it in plain English; for the lifetime of the product and so long as we are in business and making and selling the product; we will repair or replace your shot timer should there be any manufacturer defects.

What is a manufacturer defect? When a component of the timer fails to function as intended within it’s expected lifetime.

What are some things that are not covered:

  • Any abuse to the product. For example dropping it, exposing it to liquid, or other things that could cause damage due to abuse, negligence, or use outside of reasonable and intended guidelines
  • The battery. Batteries don’t last forever and we can’t replace batteries for customers for life. The timer includes a high-quality rechargeable battery that we expect will last a reasonably long time.
  • Damage to the unit caused by exposure to extreme temperature or an act of nature