Q: Can I use the app by itself without buying the shot timer?

A: No, the app only runs with a RangeTech Shot Timer

Q: Can I buy 1 shot timer and use it with multiple devices?

Yes, you can pair the shot timer with as many devices as you wish but only 1 at any given time

Q: Do I Have to Pay For Saving My Data Online?

No. Just open the app and in the menu setup your free user account. When you complete a string of fire just save it to your online user account. In the future we may begin charging for storage over some base amount but for the foreseeable future there are no expenses to saving your data to our server and then logging in and reviewing it at your convenience.

Q: Does It Come With A Warranty?

The Bluetooth shot timer comes with a lifetime limited warranty. In plain English, for the lifetime of the product and so long as we are in business and making and selling the product; we will repair or replace your shot timer should there be any manufacturer defects.