Shooting With Timer

Q: Is the RangeTech App / Timer Compatible With My Phone / Tablet?

A: Probably. There are so many different devices on the market there is no way we can test or guarantee complete compatibility with all of them. Before you purchase the timer you can always try downloading the app to your device to see if it is available and appears to install and launch correctly. That should be a good indicator. In our experience it is compatible with most Android devices, iPhones, and tablets but if you find something that isn't working please let us know so we can troubleshoot and try to add support for your device.

Q: Can I use the app by itself without buying the shot timer?

A: No, the app only runs with a RangeTech Shot Timer

Q: Can I buy 1 shot timer and use it with multiple devices?

Yes, you can pair the shot timer with as many devices as you wish but only 1 at any given time

Q: Will The Shot Timer Work In Dry Fire?

No, The RangeTech Timer is not designed or optimized to pick up "shots" in dry fire.

Q: Will The Shot Timer Pick Up 22LR?

Probably not. 22LR is very quiet and there are limits with the hardware to the range of noise levels it can pick up and 22LR is too close to soft human voices and other very quiet sounds that need to be ignored in order for the timer to work generally.

Q: Do I Have to Pay For Saving My Data Online?

No. Just open the app and in the menu setup your free user account. When you complete a string of fire just save it to your online user account. In the future we may begin charging for storage over some base amount but for the foreseeable future there are no expenses to saving your data to our server and then logging in and reviewing it at your convenience.

Q: Does the timer integrate with Practiscore?

Yes. From either the Android or iOS version of Practiscore you can connect directly to the RangeTech Timer and pull shooting times directly into Practiscore. Read this guide for more information.

Q: Can I use the RangeTech Timer and my MantisX at the same time?

Yes. The RangeTech timer app can run in the background. Once you connect the timer to the device, minimize the RangeTech app and launch the Mantis app. Connect to your Mantis device and run the shot timer from the blue button on the timer itself. Your times will be recorded in the app in the background.

Q: Can I use the RangeTech Timer and Bluetooth Earmuffs/Headphones at the same time?

Yes. You can connect any speaker/headphone Bluetooth device to the same device that is connected to the shot timer without any conflict. You can optionally have announcements and prep commands play via the connected Bluetooth audio device.

Q: Does the timer include a visual start signal?

Yes. The RangeTech timer has a bright green LED on the front of the timer device. It flashes in sync with the start beep of the timer. This light can be disabled from the mobile app.

Q: Does It Come With A Warranty?

The Bluetooth shot timer comes with a lifetime limited warranty. In plain English, for the lifetime of the product and so long as we are in business and making and selling the product; we will repair or replace your shot timer should there be any manufacturer defects. Click here for additional warranty information.

Q: Where Is It Made?

The RangeTech shot timer is made in the USA. To be extremely specific and transparent, some parts are sourced from foreign countries due to the lack of availability of those components here in the US. Once all raw materials arrive at our location in Colorado we build the timer. That means we load the firmware onto the computer, we solder all the transformers, LEDs, computer, buttons, and other components onto the circuit board. We engrave and CNC the cases. We print some plastic components with a 3D printer. We put it all together and test it ourselves and we are very proud of the work we do in building the timer.

Q: What Happened To The Phone Jack RangeTech Shot Timer?

It has been discontinued. The phone jack, Android-Only original RangeTech shot timer was incompatible with more devices than not and given the changes in technology it was no longer a viable product. It is no longer for sale.