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Android Volume Related Crash Issue

We have identified a bug that is causing the Android version of the RangeTech app to force close upon launch. This was first reported primarily by Google Pixel users. The issue is rooted in a core function of the way the app is currently designed to maximize volume output on Android. When you launch the […]

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practiscore bluetooth shot timer

Practiscore 1.7 Release Includes RangeTech Shot Timer Improvements

The RangeTech Shot Timer has always featured integration with the popular competitive shooting application Practiscore. However, the latest release features some specific improvements to how these tools work together. Par Time Settings Added The major change to Practiscore as it relates to the RangeTech shot timer is the addition of Par Support for RangeTech. On […]

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Practiscore Match Shot Timer

The Best Shot Timer for Practiscore

If you somehow stumbled upon this article and aren’t aware of what Practiscore is I recommend you click here. Practiscore has become the industry standard tool for recording shooter data at competitive shooting matches and of course, in order to input shooting times, you will need a shot timer. If you are a match director, […]

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Kindle Fire Shot TImer

Kindle Fire Support Added

Yesterday the RangeTech app was updated on the Amazon App Store to add support for a much greater variety of Kindle Fire devices. If you own or use a Kindle Fire please open the Amazon App Store and search for “rangetech” and you should now see the latest version available for download. You can also […]

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USPSA Area 2 Championship

Recently the USPSA Area 2 Championships were held outside of Prescott Arizona at the Prescott Action Shooters facility. RangeTech Shot Timers sponsored the match and one of the stages. In addition, RangeTech sponsored shooter Riley Bowman performed admirably in the carry optics division.

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Manufacturing Delay and Backorder

Update: July 24th 2020. We are now fully caught up on the backorder. We anticipate lead time moving forward to be 4-7 days. Starting late May 2020 we’ve run out of inventory and are unable to ship new orders placed after May 26th 2020. We have a significant delay and slow down in one of […]

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Android Force Crash Bug

RESOLVED: Please note this is an outdated report that has since been fully resolved On Saturday, April 4th 2020 a rollout to the RangeTech Android app caused some issues. Until April 13th when we released a new update the app was force closing on many Android devices. The full and proper fix is going to […]

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Force Close Android App Bug – Click Here