Torture Yourself with Dot Torture

Happy Friday RangeTech Family!
This week we are sending you something called the Dot Torture Drill, and it is a doozy.

Some drills work on and evaluate specific skills, and others like the Dot Torture cover a host of skills. This is one of the reasons the Dot Torture Drill is not just one of my favorite drills to run, but many use it even as a warmup.

In the video from Luckygunner, you'll see how to set up and run the drill. One thing you'll find is that you need a special target for this drill. That is not a problem, just download the PDF and print out the target on a regular 8 ½”x11″ sheet of paper for free by clicking here.

Here is an overview of how to run the Dot Torture Drill.

You'll need 50 rounds of ammo, and the target you printed out.

You can start out at 3 yards, and work your way back as you become more technically proficient. There is no time limit, but adding a time standard adds a layer of difficulty.

Your hit zones are 10 different, 2″ circles on the target. For each circle, you're tasked with a different skill and different number of rounds.

The drill progresses through the 10 circles, each time challenging you in a different way.

This can be a tough drill to run clean, but once you do, consider increasing distance, or reducing the par time slightly. Adjusting either one will change the drill in a unique way.

This drill is ideally run during live fire. However, you can also benefit from running the Dot Torture Drill in dry fire. To run the drill in dry fire, you will want to use shot recording software like LASRX and a laser training device like the SIRT laser training pistol. You could run this drill with your gun and a  LaserDot Trainer, but you will have to rack the slide in between shots if you use a striker fired semi-auto handgun.

I think once you run this drill you will like it as much as I do.


  1. Josh Major on March 17, 2023 at 4:12 pm

    I run the 25 round version of this and it’s awesome!! Sadly it’s to easy for me now so I’ve added a time allotment, still not challenging enough Lol I’m gonna start going back too. I normally make these myself with a one and a half inch circle. I’d add a pic if I could.

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