Practiscore 1.7 Release Includes RangeTech Shot Timer Improvements

The RangeTech Shot Timer has always featured integration with the popular competitive shooting application Practiscore. However, the latest release features some specific improvements to how these tools work together.

Par Time Settings Added

The major change to Practiscore as it relates to the RangeTech shot timer is the addition of Par Support for RangeTech.

On the Shot Timer Settings screen you can now set a par time manually for a given stage or if you have a par time already programmed in for a given stage you can tell the timer to automatically set that par time for each shooter on that stage.

Resume Current String After Reconnect

As a Bluetooth shot timer there are limitations to how far away the timer can be from the mobile device running Practiscore. The 1.7 release tells Practiscore to retrieve the final shot time from the timer after reconnecting if it disconnects during a stage.

This guarantees that even if there is a disconnect, you will always be able to retrieve the final time from the timer.

No Longer Speak Each Shot From Timer

Practiscore has a very clever and useful optional feature in which it audibly calls out the shooters final time. When using the RangeTech Bluetooth shot timer this feature was annoying as it called out the shot time for EVERY shot.

This has been updated to make this feature more useful and practical when connected to the RangeTech Bluetooth Shot Timer.

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