April 25th 2022 – RangeTech Mobile App Update Release

On April 25th, 2022 RangeTech mobile app version 2.7 was released for Android and version 1.7.4 for iOS. This update make a significant change to how the app deals with media volume and in doing so addressed a bug first reported in December 2021.

Late last year we identified a bug that was causing the Android version of the RangeTech app to force close upon launch.

This was first reported primarily by Google Pixel users. The issue is rooted in a core function of the way the app was at that time designed to maximize volume output on Android.

When you launched the RangeTech app on Android devices, the app was programmed to increase the volume level across all volume channels to the maximum volume level. This was done originally to ensure that announcements and commands from the app would be audible to the user.

However, if your device was set to do not disturb mode, the app was unable to modify the output volume level and this caused a crash.

We are sorry for how long it took to address this issue. Some internal issues combined with the complexity of the fix took what first seemed like a quick fix and turned it into a long process.

We are looking forward to getting a few other minor bugs addressed in the upcoming weeks and rolling out some high-demand features as well. Stay tuned!


-Android & iOS: Now by default in the Announcements and Buttons menu, the Volume up and Volume down buttons default to increasing and decreasing volume.

-Android: Upon launch, the app will no longer edit your volume or media levels.

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