Android Volume Related Crash Issue

We have identified a bug that is causing the Android version of the RangeTech app to force close upon launch.

This was first reported primarily by Google Pixel users. The issue is rooted in a core function of the way the app is currently designed to maximize volume output on Android.

When you launch the RangeTech app on Android devices, as the app launches it is programmed to increase the volume level across all volume channels to the maximum volume level. This was done originally to ensure that announcements and commands from the app would be audible to the user.

If your device is set to do not disturb mode, the app is unable to modify the output volume level and this causes a crash. To resolve, turn off do not disturb mode and manually increase your volume levels. Then launch the app.

Our development team is working on changes to the app that will better manage this conflict. Thank you for your patience!

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